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Manitoba Irrigation for Home or Business


Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. offers a warehouse of possibilities regarding the residential/do-it-yourself markets for irrigation in Manitoba. If you are interested in commercial grade irrigation products and are seeking a superior and knowledgeable sales staff, Ful-Flo Industries is the right choice. We honestly feel that there are no projects too small for us to care about and there are no projects too large to intimidate us. Ful-Flo Industries is ready to meet any irrigation challenge.

We Give Homeowners Many Choices

As a homeowner looking to complete that landscape irrigation project, you definitely have some options. Ful-Flo is here to help guide you and help make your decisions easier.

First, if you choose to have a qualified contractor install your new irrigation system, Ful-Flo Industries can help suggest to you highly qualified and reputable irrigation installers. With our name at stake, you can be guaranteed that this referred installer can get the job done.

Second, if you choose to do-it-yourself, Ful-Flo's highly experienced sales staff can help you with any irrigation project. Large or small, we offer design and consultation to DIY's like yourself, who have made the wise decision to purchase their irrigation product from Ful-Flo Industries, Manitoba's largest irrigation warehouse.

We Ensure That You Can't Go Wrong

In any case, with either installation method you choose, you can be rest assured that Ful-Flo Industries offers only the best quality products to you, our most valued customer. Our commitment to excellence demands your satisfaction.

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Ful-Flo Industries Ltd.'s full line of irrigation products lends itself to finding the most suitable product for the vast array of commercial sites that are encountered. From retail businesses to strip malls; from town house complexes to gated condominium communities; from baseball and athletic fields to soccer pitches and green space parks, Ful-Flo Industries has the product, the equipment and the expertise to get the job done.

Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. has positive working relationships with all the major landscape architects involved in developing cutting edge and cost effective irrigation solutions to commercial sites. Working alongside many landscape architects, Ful-Flo Industries is a major influencer regarding the type and nature of irrigation that is developed at the planning stage of many of these commercial locations.

In addition to the design and technical assistance that Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. provides to the commercial market place, Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. also has bragging rights to some of the most sophisticated and industry specific installation equipment available in the market place. Using the right machine for the right job only makes us as a general contractor more efficient when installing the irrigation components.

Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. is a leader in terms of commercial irrigation both at the planning and design stage of the irrigation project through to its final construction and installation phase. And once the job has been successfully completed, our warehouse is available for all of our commercial accounts to purchase any required irrigation parts to keep their system operational for years to come.

We at Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. are excited to have the backing of quality products and manufacturers; we have the support of well qualified and trained people; and we use the most effective equipment available to assist in the installation of our commercial irrigation projects.

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