Golf Irrigation Services

Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. is proud to support the golf course industry with the best product, people, and equipment available. From our parts and service counter that will support any golf course's daily irrigation demands to our golf service division that can handle any repair, retrofit/renovation, or completely new irrigation installation, Ful-Flo is the first choice among golf course superintendents for their irrigation needs.

Ful-Flo's resume in the golf industry is a long and illustrious one. We at Ful-Flo are proud to have served the golf industry as a leader for decades and continually strive to better ourselves to remain as a forerunner in servicing this marketplace.

Industry specific equipment is constantly upgraded at Ful-Flo as we position ourselves as a leader rather than follower in this highly demanding and competitive market.

Our recent golf projects include tried and tested as well as state-of-the-art technologies. Depending on the customer's financial budget and water requirements, Ful-Flo can develop, plan and install any type of irrigation system that will best fit the customer's situation.

Who is winterizing your system?

Living in Manitoba means that Old Man Winter is either here or is on his way! Therefore, when you are irrigating golf courses, winterization is an important part of maintaining your sprinkler system.

At Ful-Flo, our field staff have a combined 40+ years at winterizing sprinkler systems in the golf industry. We have the right compressor and "pig" to blow out your lines and preserve them for another year of irrigation.

Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. Have proudly serviced the following golf courses:

Ful-Flo Golf Resume