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Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. of Manitoba Promotes Agricultural Growth

From its earliest days, Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. has left its mark in the agriculture industry. One of Ful-Flo Industries Ltd.'s major markets is the Manitoba Potato Industry. This very large and demanding customer seeks Ful-Flo's expertise from pump stations to pipelines, from portable Bauer reel gun carts to Reinke pivots and laterals, from the parts and service counter to the in-field service team to satisfy all of its irrigation demands.

But Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. product and service offering extends far beyond the potato industry to other irrigated crop producers such as strawberry growers and market gardeners.

Agricultural Irrigation winnipeg
Agricultural Irrigation winnipeg
Agricultural Irrigation manitoba

Irrigation has undergone much technological change in this industry over the years. The creation of "mega" farms have demanded larger and more efficient pump stations and pipelines to carry higher volumes of water from the source further distances to crop fields. And as much as the industry has moved towards catering to these "mega" projects, the agriculture market also demands technological development on the conservation side as well. The constant development of drip or micro-irrigation technology has catered to the "green" aspect of the agriculture industry. Many strawberry and market gardeners have turned to drip to be good water stewards but also view drip irrigation as a viable irrigation method to weed and disease control.

Agricultural Irrigation

Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. is proud to say that we seek to service the many facets of the agriculture industry effectively. While the technology has definitely changed over the years, the goal at Ful-Flo Industries has always remained the same; "To provide economical and viable irrigation solutions and help sustain our vital agricultural industry from any potential water shortages during its critical growing period."

Who Is Winterizing Your System?

Living in Manitoba means that Old Man Winter is either here or is on his way! Therefore, whether you are irrigating crops or golf courses, winterization is an important part of maintaining your sprinkler system.

At Ful-Flo, our field staff have a combined 40+ years at winterizing pipelines in the Agricultural industry and sprinkler systems in the golf industry. We have the right compressor and "pig" to blow out your lines and preserve them for another year of irrigation.

Remember, hiring a professional to conduct winterization work is the best choice. So if you need your system winterized, call us early and book your slot as time to complete this work is limited.