Ful-Flo Industries Has the Right Tools for the Job

Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. is well equipped with the necessary tools to tackle any size of irrigation construction site. Our vast array of specialized equipment is essential to providing customers an effective and efficient means to installing their system.

For example, Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. uses "track" vibratory ploughs to install pipes maximizing power while minimizing damage to existing turf. This is of utmost importance when working on established sites such as golf courses, athletic fields, parks, etc. where the landscape is already mature and the customer prefers minimal disturbance.

On other less delicate sites such as "new" construction or agricultural fieldwork, Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. has the equipment necessary to accomplish heavy excavation. From backhoes to trenchers we are more than capable of installing any type of irrigation pipeline.

When it comes to specialized equipment for irrigation, our equipment arsenal extends beyond excavators to include pipe-joining equipment as well. Ful-Flo Industries Ltd. has the specialized equipment necessary for butt fusion as well as electro-fusion techniques used in the installation of HDPE piping systems.

Having the right equipment for the right job benefits us as a contractor as much as it benefits you as the customer. Contact us so we can help you get started on your project.